Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Get Answers in LASERS New Video

With more than 20 LASERS retirement plans, how do you find your plan? And once you find it, how do you know when you are eligible for retirement? 

To find answers to these questions and much more, view our latest video,What is Your Retirement Plan and Retirement Eligibility? The video is formatted for closed captioning and is available on the LASERS YouTube channel and LEO. 
Please be aware that access may be denied to YouTube at your workplace because of filters put in place by your agency. LASERS has placed some educational videos on LEO in the event you are unable to view YouTube. Follow these instructions for the LEO Portal.
If you wish to be notified each time LASERS uploads a new video, we encourage you to subscribe to our channel by clicking the "subscribe"button located on the LASERS YouTube channel

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