Thursday, June 30, 2016

Retirement is NOT an Overnight Process

The preparations leading up to retirement involve teamwork ... and that team includes YOU, your agency, and LASERS. An important element in the retirement process is time, so planning is critical. Retiring in a day or two is nearly impossible and definitely not recommended. Optimally, you should start the process a minimum of 12 months away from your target retirement date.
Check out these helpful LASERS resources on our website:

Valuable information for active members including a 12-month guide to use as you approach retirement (page 20).

View LASERS 5-minute video as we share the essential steps in counting down to retirement.

Includes details defining all categories of our plans and answers to many questions you might have about planning for and enjoying your retirement.

Attend a PREP workshop and hear from the LASERS staff on how to be prepared.
The key to a smooth retirement process is to plan early!

If you have questions, schedule an appointment or speak to a Retirement Benefits Analyst at 225.922.0600 (Baton Rouge) or 800.256.3000 (Toll-Free).

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