Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Expedite Your LASERS Retirement Benefits

You can assist LASERS in promptly paying your monthly benefit upon your retirement by having all necessary documents on file. LASERS needs a copy of your birth certificate and social security card, to verify your eligibility. The same documents are needed for your beneficiaries.

If you have been married, and widowed or divorced, marriage certificates, death certificates, and judgments of divorce must be on file.

It is not necessary for you to wait until you are ready to retire to provide these necessary documents. They can be submitted to LASERS through the Human Resources personnel at your agency at any time. Please ensure that all documents submitted include your social security number so that they can be imaged into your member record.

When your retirement or DROP application is submitted, you may need to provide a Spousal Consent Form, depending on the option you choose, and an Authorization for Direct Deposit of your retirement benefits. If you are entering DROP, you must submit a form to authorize the rollover of your account.

You will not receive your retirement benefit until LASERS has received these documents.

As always, if you have questions about your benefits, please call our Member Services Division at 225.922.0600 or 1.800.256.3000.

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