Wednesday, September 2, 2009

State agencies outline efforts to cut spending

The Commission on Streamlining Government is studying ways to cut costs in state government. In the fiscal year that began July 1, state revenue is expected to drop by $1.3 billion. The shortfall caused significant cuts in health care and higher education. The state’s financial problems are likely to continue for several years.

The heads of nearly every agency in state government went before the commission Tuesday to discuss what they are doing or thinking about doing to trim expenses.

State Revenue Secretary Cynthia Bridges said her agency is stepping up auditing and cracking down on deadbeat check writers.

Other agencies are:
  • Saving several million dollars a year by outsourcing environment-related lab work.
  • Hiring a company to handle laundry at the state’s juvenile prisons.
  • Using video surveillance instead of stationing guards in prison watch towers

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Artem912 said...

Will the video cam be able to load, aim and fire?