Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Some state agencies will withhold or reduce merit raises

The state Civil Service has granted permission for some state agencies to withhold or reduce employee pay raises for the coming fiscal year to avoid possible layoffs because of budget cuts.

All colleges and hospitals in the LSU System plan to scrap the 4 percent annual pay raise employees traditionally receive on their anniversary dates. Pay increases for academic or professional employees also are being suspended under LSU’s plan.

Meanwhile, the nearly 3,000 employees of Louisiana’s public safety services agencies are scheduled to receive a 2 percent pay increase — half of the normal amount — as part of its layoff avoidance plan, according the plans submitted by those agencies.

Ten agencies have received the state Department of Civil Service permission to alter normal merit pay rules in order to avoid employee layoffs, Civil Service Director Shannon Templet said Monday. Templet said the state’s employment agency is expecting at least 14 additional requests and there could be more in the coming

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s budget did not include extra money to cover the pay increases. Agencies would have to cut in other areas to generate the dollars necessary just like past administration’s budgets.


Lisa said...

Go figure, Jindal declares that he wants to continue the merit increases....I guess that statement is suppose to make us feel better or have some confidence in him. How about cutting his salary, all the so called legislatures who voted themselves a raise doubling their salary in June 2008 and all those overpaid administrators..lets see if they want to lead by example...I don't think so. Get real people as long as jindel is in office we will never see those raises again. Guess this is the part where we are suppose to bend over and grab our ankles. Just remember to express yourself at the polls at election time...I know I WILL AND TAKING NAMES TOO !!

Stacie LeBlanc said...

If Louisiana State Employees are not going to receive their 4 percent cost of living raise then our Office of Group Benefits insurance premiums should not be increased. Also, a halt should be placed on any and all business on increase in prices of their merchandise. If we have no raise and are already sturggleing, what will we do when prices rise?