Wednesday, August 19, 2015

LASERS Sustainability Affirmed in Legislative Actuary Report

A new report, Sustainability of the Louisiana State Retirement Systems, was presented by the Legislative Actuary last week at the Public Retirement Systems Actuarial Committee (PRSAC) meeting. The conclusions in the report affirm the sustainability of LASERS. The most important findings include:
  • The defined benefit plan administered by LASERS is inexpensive, about half the cost of Social Security;
  • The debt payment (Unfunded Accrued Liability), makes up the lion's share of the state's employer contribution to LASERS; which means changing the type of benefit plan we offer would not improve the state's financial situation;
  • The positive financial status of the LASERS plan, coupled with the difference that legislative reforms are making to reduce the debt payment, indicates there is a high likelihood that the UAL will be paid off early.

Additional information is found in this report by The Advocate.

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