Friday, February 21, 2014

LASERS Board Elects New Chair and Vice Chair, Re-elected Trustees Sworn In

                             Shannon Templet,
                            LASERS Board Chair
Kathy Singleton,
LASERS Vice Chair

The LASERS Board of Trustees unanimously elected Shannon Templet and Kathy Singleton as new Chair and Vice Chair, respectively, at its February meeting.

Shannon Templet, Director of the State Department of Civil Service, will lead the LASERS Board as Chair. Templet has served as an active member Trustee since 2012. She most recently chaired the Management Committee of the LASERS Board.

Kathy Singleton, retired from the Department of Social Services, will serve as the new Vice Chair. Singleton previously served three terms as an active member, holding the positions of Board Chair and Chair of the Management and Legislative Committees. She is beginning her second term as a retiree member.

LASERS Executive Director Cindy Rougeou said, “We are fortunate to have Shannon Templet and Kathy Singleton as Trustees. Their leadership skills and dedication to LASERS will certainly serve our members well in 2014.”

Re-elected Trustees in the 2013 LASERS Board Election took their oath of office at the February meeting. Beverly Palmer Hodges, Judge William Kleinpeter, Janice Lansing, Lori Pierce, and Kathy Singleton were re-elected by LASERS members in October. The 13-member policy-making Board has fiduciary oversight over LASERS.

LASERS provides a defined benefit pension plan that covers approximately 150,000 members. LASERS pays over $1 billion in annual benefits to retirees and their beneficiaries, providing a strong and reliable economic stimulus for Louisiana.

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