Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Special Prestige License Plate for Retired State Employees

During the 2010 Regular Legislative Session, HB 96 by Thibodaux Representative Dee Richard was passed by the Louisiana Legislature and became law (Act 89) upon signature of the Governor. The law authorizes the creation of a special prestige license plate for retired state employees, known as the “State Employee Retired” plate.

The law further provides that there must be a minimum of one thousand (1,000) applicants for such plates before the plates are put into production. The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) has generously allowed the Retired State Employees Association (RSEA) to collect the names of applicants who must be retired members of the Louisiana State Employees Retirement System and receiving retirement benefits payments from LASERS.

RSEA is gathering names of retirees who are interested in purchasing the special prestige plate. The cost of the plate includes an initial (one-time) fee of $25, a $3.50 handling fee and a renewal fee, which is the same as renewal for a regular license plate. The $25 one-time (initial) fee will be disbursed by OMV to LASERS to be used for the sole purpose of paying down a portion of the state’s unfunded liability obligation.

If you are interested in the “State Employee Retired” special prestige license plate, please contact the office of the Retired State Employees Association (RSEA) toll free at 866.938.0961 or local number 225.930.0961 and provide your name and contact information. Your expression of interest does not require any submission of funds at this time or obligation to purchase the license plate in the future. RSEA will compile the data and when one thousand retiree names have been obtained, we will notify OMV to proceed with design and production of the plates.

*Editorial Note: RSEA wishes to thank OMV retiree, Mr. Cecil Melancon of the RSEA Coastal Chapter,for his dedication and hard work on the prestige plate project.

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