Tuesday, April 20, 2010

House Rejects Bill to Suspend Benefits for Members of Public Retirement System Convicted of Job Related Crimes – by Robyn Ekings

The Louisiana House on Monday rejected a bill (HB 224) by Slidell Representative Kevin Pearson that would have suspended benefits for public servants imprisoned for criminal convictions for the time that person served his or her sentence. The bill was amended on the floor to require that the crime be related to the public employee’s job. The original bill provided that survivor benefits would continue to be paid to the spouse and children of the worker involved while he or she was in prison.

Opponents claimed that the measure was too broad. The LASERS Board of Trustees voted to oppose the bill, citing concerns over constitutional issues raised by the proposal.

The Senate Retirement Committee also approved SB 14 and SB 134 with ammendments. SB 14 addresses a proposed change in beneficiaries for supplemental benefits for certain LASERS retirees. SB 134 provides for a change affecting the Public Retirement Systems's Actuarial Committee (PRSAC). Both both bills now move to the Senate floor.

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