Thursday, February 4, 2010

State Civil Service board revises proposal on raises

About 60,000 state civil service employees would be eligible for a 3 percent to 5 percent annual pay raise, depending on their job evaluations, under a merit pay proposal considered Wednesday.

The state Civil Service Commission directed its staff to advertise and seek comments on the plan. The commission is expected to bring it up for discussion and a possible vote at its March 2-3 meeting.

The last commission proposal was vetoed by Gov. Bobby Jindal, who said he wants to give state agencies more latitude in granting the annual merit pay raises. He also opposed the top-level raise of 6 percent.

The plan now being floated would give agencies the authority to approve a 3 percent annual raise to workers who meet expectations and a 4 percent raise for those who exceed them, the same as they were in the plan Jindal rejected last month.

Jindal Executive Counsel Stephen Waguespack said the major sticking point is the flat 3 to 5 percent pay-raise language. He said the administration would like to see the language in the proposal read "not to exceed" those levels.

Under the state Constitution, the commission and the governor must agree on the pay issues.

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