Monday, January 11, 2010

Jindal to cut a third of steamlining panel's plan

Gov. Bobby Jindal said his administration would implement two-thirds of the recommendations of a cost-cutting panel.

He said the administration is working to shrink manager-employee ratios, put more information on the Internet, privatize pharmacy services at veterans homes and cut the number of state vehicles.

However, the governor said in an interview that he is not in favor of all of the Commission on Streamlining Government’s suggestions.

Of specific recommendations, Jindal said:

• Reducing state contract costs by 10 percent a year is too rigid to be practical.
• A 2 percent across-the-board budget cut doesn’t make sense.
• Dissolving the Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corp. is unlikely to get his initial support.
• Requiring the public to pay fees to cover the full cost of providing state services will not get his blanket backing

The commission’s 79-page “Reorganization Plan,” other reports and supporting documents are available online at

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