Monday, July 27, 2009

Jindal freezes some state hiring

Governor Bobby Jindal has imposed a limited state government hiring freeze, requiring that most agencies get prior approval from his budget chief before they can fill vacant jobs.

Jindal says the move would trim spending and hold down costs as Louisiana faces years of projected budget shortfalls. The governor's executive order runs through June 30, covering all but the first three weeks of the budget year that began this month.

The freeze applies to all state government agencies except those overseen by statewide elected officials and the Louisiana Legislature. Jindal's executive orders don't have authority over those agencies.

Also exempt are jobs tied to direct patient care, like those at the state's public hospitals run by LSU, and public safety positions, like state troopers and prison guards.

State government offices seeking to fill vacant jobs will need approval from Jindal's top budget officer, Commissioner of Administration Angèle Davis. Public colleges wanting to fill positions will need approval from the commissioner of higher education, Sally Clausen.

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