Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jindal Targets Civil Service changes as one reform for upcoming session

Gov. Bobby Jindal has announced five major reforms he'll propose during the upcoming legislative session.

One reform focuses on reforming civil service and reducing the number of state employees. There are three parts to this proposal: replacing "bumping" to reach seniority with performance reviews; reducing the 1,400 job descriptions and classifications; and linking merit pay increases to performance and reviews.

Another key reform is the phase-out of protections for dedicated funds, which will open up areas besides higher education and health care to budget cuts.

The reforms are designed to help state government reduce costs into the future by downsizing government and streamlining government processes.

Jindal said he is supporting Senate President Joel Chaisson’s Senate Bills 1 and 2 that would allow up to 10 percent — rather than the current 5 percent — of each state statutory dedication to be cut when there is a budget deficit. Chaisson’s SB2 would eliminate state law that says no more than 5 percent of statutory dedications can be cut over two years.

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