Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Future of state merit raises discussed

State Representative John Schroder wants state Civil Service to develop a system so true merit is taken into account with employees getting anywhere from 0 to 4 percent “merit” pay increases depending on their job performance.

Annual 4 percent state employee “merit” pay increases could become less widespread under a proposal discussed this morning at House Appropriations committee.

State Rep. John Schroder, R-Covington, said “merit” pay raises were designed to reward performance but they are being handed out so routinely that it is more like a cost of living adjustment.

State Civil Service Director Anne Soileau said some 96 percent of state classified employees receive merit pay every year. There are approximately 62,560 classified state employees.

Soileau said there have been some discussions with the state Civil Service Commission, which must sign off on changes to the merit system.

“We are looking at the possibility of recommending different ranges for different performance,” Soileau said.

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