Friday, August 29, 2008

LASERS Retiree Check Information

With the approach of Tropical Storm Gustav, LASERS would like to announce that all Direct Deposit or Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Retiree checks for the month of September have been sent and all retiree paychecks that are deliverable have been mailed.

LASERS members in the projected path of the storm, especially those who receive a paper benefit check, should prepare now to prevent an interruption to their retirement benefits. There are several items you should bring with you if you are called on to evacuate.

· Picture Identification
· Social Security Card
· Copy of Benefit Check or Direct Deposit Stub
· Important LASERS Telephone Numbers 225-922-0600 or 1-800-256-3000
· LASERS Change of Address Form (download from LASERS Website)

In the event the United States Postal Service is unable to deliver mail to areas affected by the storm, the above items will help you collect your benefit check from LASERS. If you are unable to return home after the storm, you can mail or FAX your change of address form to LASERS. (225-935-2891)

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