Wednesday, April 16, 2008

St. Tammany Parish School Board Joins Retirement Lawsuit

The St. Tammany Parish School Board has voted to join other state school boards in litigation to force the state to fund the employer’s costs of contributions to the Louisiana School Employees Retirement System and the Teacher’s Retirement System of Louisiana, as provided in the Louisiana Constitution of 1974.

The board unanimously passed a resolution Thursday outlining the legislation and the state’s failure to live up to its obligation to local school systems by providing the funding needed.

The Legislature has not funded the systems and “has given no indication” that it “intends to fund” the employer’s portions.

School Superintendent Gayle Sloan said in order for the board to be included in any kind of settlement reached, it needs to add its name to the list of those filing the suit. Terms of any settlement reached will dictate how much money the board will recover.

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